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Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all well. i'm doing better today than i was yesterday when i recorded the intro for this episode. i had some dental work done yesterday and had some pain in my jaw and when i recorded the intro for this episode, i was on vicodin. i thought it would be fun to do an "altered" intro. other than that, things are good here. i have totally forgotten that today kicks-off the moontower comedy festival here in austin. i got a badge a while back and i'm excited to go tonight and tomorrow. i haven't really gone through the line-up to plan my route yet. i guess i'll do that after practice today. i'll let you know how it goes on friday. also, if you live in san antonio, skyrocket will be at the aztec theater this friday, april 25th. come out and say hi!episode 268 is the last of the sxsw 2014 multi-interview shows. i know. i'm kinda sad to see them go too. on this episode i sit down and talk to DTCV (pronounced detective) from the joshua tree desert just hours before they leave austin to head out on a 5-week tour. i talk to lo-fi genius, daniel hunter, about his band, analog rebellion from dallas. i talk to victory from los angeles about their brand of sun-bleached garage rock. last, but certainly not least, i talk to chappo from brooklyn, ny who had just finished a long u.s. tour at a crazy music festival. at the end of the chappo interview, they ask us to leave the hilton. good way to end it. i love all of these bands and i'm sure you will too. enjoy!ciao! - jg

Thursday Apr 17, 2014

hello my friends! welcome to the "extra show" this week. we'll be putting out three shows this week and next week as a celebration of having a lot of shows in the can. i spent the day rehearsing with SKYROCKET! yesterday. i can't believe that we get along like we do after we have been playing together for so long. i started playing with them on valentine's day 2002. we didn't have the schedule that we have now until like 2006 or 2007. it's kinda fuzzy as to when this became full-time. but it's nice to know that i love my friends and it's fun to hang out and play with them.episode 265 is a triple-header recorded during sxsw 2014! first up, we have the crookes from sheffield, uk. their new album, soapbox came out tuesday, 4/15/14 on modern outsider records. we have a great conversation about their journey as a band, recording in italy, touring europe, sheffield's rich musical history and much more. next up is danish rock trio, baby in vain! i had no idea how young these ladies were when i heard them. they're absolutely amazing and we have a great talk on street corner about their plans for world domination. last, but not least, we have brooklyn's own dead stars. we talk about the band's self-released e.p.'s, the chaos that is sxsw and their new e.p. all great conversations. i hope you enjoy them as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 263: ARP / Bully

Friday Apr 11, 2014

Friday Apr 11, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i have an unusual friday off. lucky me! i have a couple of interviews today but after 5, i'm done. i had a great show last night at one-2-one bar here in austin. i celebrated what would have been my 20th wedding anniversary (had we not divorced almost 10 years ago) by playing songs that related to my "marriage experience". i jammed with my old friends, ryan and brad at the end and it was a good time. oh!!!! a friend made me a replica of the painting that hangs above scatman cruthers' in "the shining". yes. i have a pimp bedroom now. episode 263 is another sxsw double-header (only this time, without the background noise) my guests are first up, from brooklyn, ny, arp! arp is one man's brilliant musical vision. that man is alexis georgopoulos, a art school kid who's tried his hand at rock and roll as an art form and made some beautiful music/noise. his new album, more, is reminiscent of the brian eno pop albums of the early 70's. we had a great conversation! our second guests for this double-header are nashville's, bully! an incredible band led by an incredible singer/recording engineer/producer, alicia. alicia and drummer stewart (copeland) came by the apt. during sxsw and we had a great talk about recording, running live sound, being a band, being a woman in the music engineering world an much, much more. i hope you enjoy these conversations as much as i did. ciao! -jg

Friday Mar 21, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well. i have been putting together all of my sxsw shows and let me tell ya, there are a lot. i have been pleasantly surprised that so many turned out so good. i was worried that i was doing to many in a row. that they were too short. that the places i was were too noisy. the only thing that turned out true is that some places were just so noisy and there were too many distractions to really have a focused conversation. but they turned out good. some are even great! look forward to these shows coming out over the next month. today's episode is my first one. enjoy!episode 257 is a double-header of returning guests! first up is lauren larson from ume. lauren was on a couple of years ago and since her last appearance the band has played over 200 shows in the u.s. and europe, been in tons of magazines including guitar world and rolling stone, they've just released a new album called monuments and they're heading out on a midwest/west coast tour on 3/23! we have a great conversation. next up is my dear old friend, joseph king who is making his 4th appearance on the show! last we heard from him, he was starting a kickstarter campaign to fund his debut solo album. well, it got funded and joseph released his beautiful new album, wanderlusting on march 5th. came to austin to showcase for sxsw and he brought his new band by the apartment and i got to catch up with joseph and get to know the talented kayce and will. we had a great talk! i hope you enjoy these conversations as much i did. ciao! -jg

Episode 253: Kevin Mckinney

Thursday Mar 06, 2014

Thursday Mar 06, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. things are crazy here. i've got sxsw 2014 at my door. i'm trying to confirm the last of the interviews i have. i started getting ready for this sxsw in january. i hope it pays off. i'm worried that i'm meeting a bunch of people downtown and i won't be able to find a quiet place to talk to them. it's hard this time of year. anyway, i'm doing some here at my apartment. mostly, i'm excited to talk to these people, see old friends and get some good conversations for you guys. i'm playing at sam's burger joint music hall in san antonio tonight (friday 3/7) with skyrocket. if you live there, come guest for episode 253 is the incredibly talented and always entertaining, kevin mckinney! i've gotten tweets and emails since i started this show about getting kevin in here. well, i did. i also played a show with his new band, wrenfro with tony scalzo, michael hale and gary newcome. they're great! i got to jam with them about a month ago at their weekly monday night show at strange brew in austin. anyway, kevin came by, we talked about wrenfro, soulhat, the black cat, solo albums, four-tracks and much, much more. i hope you enjoy my conversation with kevin. i did.ciao! -jg

Thursday Aug 29, 2013

hello friends! well, we're here... episode 199: mixtape. have you been looking for new music? do you like the music you hear on the show? well, i've chosen 11 songs at random from artists that have been on the last 100 shows and put them on here for your enlightenment and enjoyment. i chose songs from bands you might not know that i really loved from the show. the show includes music from wild child, sphynx, glen phillips (toad the wet sprocket), oh look out!, gurf morlix, jazz mills, riders against the storm, adam sultan, emily bell, dragon boy suede (howard kremer) and no way josie. please let me know what you think. you can tweet at me @johnnygoudie or like our facebook page thank you so much for listening. it really means a lot to me. thank you to everyone who's supported me through this. and a very special thank you to all of the artists that come on the show and share their lives and their music. remember, if you hear something you like, go buy it! it makes a difference. i love you guys!ciao! -jg

Episode 197: Matt Harris

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

hello my friends! i'm sorry for not posting any shows in the last week... it's been crazy and i having uploading issues. anyway, my friend joseph came to town and we played some shows together. i actually broke a tooth during a show we played on sunday. it's fixed, but was weird. i played a lot of other shows, met my girlfriend's mom, went swimming and had a great week. how was yours?my guest for episode 197 is my dear friend, the lovely and talented, matt harris! i met matt around 6 years ago when i toured with ian moore. he was the bass player and we were roommates on tour. matt is an amazing guy with a great story. he's played with oranger, the posies, ian moore, roky erickson and many, many more. i always have a great time chatting with matt. i'm sure you'll enjoy it too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Hello friends! i hope this episode finds you well. this episode was supposed to come out last friday, 6/28, but i had solo gigs, skyrocket gigs, podcast interviews, slow hotel internet connections and general insanity. sorry we're late, but we have an awesome show for you today! also, a quick heads-up, i'll be participating in a live podcast called, "the soundtrack series" at the long center in austin, tx this saturday, july 6th. check it out. it's really cool and i'm very honored to have been asked to be a part of it. here's a link:
we have a big show about rock and roll for you today. my guests for episode 184 are the band, death and new york's, wild adriatic! first up is death. death has an incredible story. so incredible that they have had a documentary made about them that opened last friday, 6/28. the documentary tells the story of three brothers in the early 70's in detroit, playing a style of music way ahead of it's time. a style of music we would come to know as PUNK. my friend bevis, who works with the band, invited me out last week to see a special screening of the documentary and watch a special performance by the band. the movie is amazing, their performance was awesome and i got to hang out with them and they're great guys going through an exceptionally unique situation and experience. i got to sit down with the guys the day before the movie opened i think you're really going them. here's a link to the trailer and the story. you should go see this movie...
also on the show, upstate new york rock and roll trio, wild adriatic. i first heard them last year when a friend of mine started working with them. i love their raw rock and roll and their energy. i was really excited when i found out they had time to stop by for a chat while they were on a u.s. tour earlier this month. we talked about their evolution and journey, small town in upstate new york, going from quartet to trio, making albums, touring and much more. i loved getting to hang out with these guys and i enjoyed our conversation. i'm sure you will too. they're great band made-up of sweet guys. check out their music and videos here,
ciao! -jg

Episode 165: Corey Baum

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

live podcast monday, may 13th 7pm at the saxon pub in austin, tx with guests, edison chair & david cotton!!!
hello friends!!!! summer is coming. pools are starting to sparkle with that inviting sparkle they have. i'm looking forward to it. i picked up my badge for the moontower comedy festival today. i'm only going to be able to go for two of the four days, but i'm going to get see everyone i want to see. i'm looking forward to that. if you're in austin this friday, april 26th, SKYROCKET! will be playing at cedar street courtyard. we play at 9:30. oh! while i'm promoting shows, i'm playing a solo acoustic show at the saxon pub in austin, tx on monday, may 6th at 7 pm opening for bob schneider. okay... enough promo.
my guest for episode 165 is singer/songwriter corey baum. corey moved to austin a few years ago from bowling green, ohio. i met him when he was bar tending at momo's and i had a residency there. we always got along well. then i heard his music and i was blown away. he has such a great depth and sense of humor in his songs. anyway, one of his bands, dumb, just released a cassette (yes. i said cassette), he plays a show every tuesday at the clive bar, he's about to head out on tour with leo rondeau this summer and he's getting buff from landscaping. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

hello friends! i hope you're doing well today. i'm up and ready to take on this day. sxsw is here. i have some interviews today and a show with my old band, liars & saints. so far, i've met a few nice people and one very pretty girl. i have a friend staying with me. she seems to be having a good time here, so that's good. i got to see a live recording of the "wtf" podcast and james franco was a guest. that was cool. i ran around with charlie hodge and lucas molandes. my calves and shins are pretty sore. i'm going to do some yoga and stretch my shit out before i go back down there today. tomorrow i'll be back stage at the austin music awards interviewing folks. i'm looking forward to bringing you that show. are you at sxsw?
my guests for episode 153 are nathan singleton and jeremy harrell who make-up the energetic rock duo, the sideshow tragedy. nathan was our guest for episode 3 and has returned 150 episodes later with jeremy to talk about how the last year has treated them. i'm a fan of this band, these guys and what they do. i was glad they were both able to come by together so that people could see what's at the core of this duo... a real brotherly connection. we talk about touring, their new album, "persona", where they're going, marriage to their wives and each other and much, much more. nathan and jeremy are great musicians and real soulful people. i'm glad they're my friends and i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

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