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Episode 892: Star Parks

Friday Mar 13, 2020

Friday Mar 13, 2020

Things are crazy out there. Stay safe. Andy Bianculli, songwriting frontman from Austin's mini-orchestra that could have been the house band on "Playboy After Dark", Star Parks returns to the show for episode 892! Their latest album, the gorgeous and groovy, New Sounds Of Late Capitalism is available now on Modern Outsider! Find them at Andy and I have a great conversation about making New Sounds Of Late Capitalism with producer Danny Reisch and the reel-to-reel tape machine that defined the sound, how to get older in music without becoming uncool, weird music collaborations (see Bob Dylan and Kurtis Blow) and much more! I hope you enjoy our espresso-fueled conversation. I sure did. Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Episode 782: Beto Martinez

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

Hello friends! Guitarist/composer/producer, Beto Martinez from Grupo Fantasma, Money Chicha and Brownout is my guest for episode 782! Beto's been producing bands like Superfonicos and Frederico7 for the last few years out of his studio, Lechehouse Studio. You can find out more about the studio HERE. Beto and I have a great conversation about growing up in Laredo, cutting his teeth playing heavy rock his work with Grupo Fantasma, Money Chicha, Brownout and much more! I hope you enjoy getting to know Beto. I sure did. Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

Hello friends! Austin and everyone in it is currently recovering from SXSW 2017. It was a good week. Sadly, some of my podcasts earlier in the week were cancelled because of all of the flight cancellations from up north due to weather. I still did quite a few. I saw a lot of music. Went on a boat on the most beautiful day of the year and had free drinks and saw bands on Town Lake. I did some running around with friends. I hung out with my stepmom and her friends. Went to Houston Saturday and opened for and played with the BoDeans. That was really fun. So yeah, a good SXSW 2017.
Episode 576 with my guests, The Midnight Stroll was recorded live at the SXSW Podacst Stage Presented by Tunein on Thursday, March 16th! Jonas Wilson and Aaron Behrens from The Midnight Stroll joined me for this special live podcast recording. Their new album, Mohawk Bugaloo, was recorded live in February on the last night of their recent Mohawk residency. We have a great conversation about their unique live show, their writing and recording process, life in the country, art vs. commerce, "bugaloo vs. "boogaloo" their new album and touring plans and much, much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 359: The Zoltars

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i ant to tell you guys about an event that we get to be a part of THIS weekend, beats delicious festival sunday march 15th at stonehouse villa in driftwood, tx. doors are at 1:30 pm and bands include, wild adriatic, angela perley, topher mohr and more. there will be local food and beverege vendors set up out there including real ale brewing, genius gin, cornucopia popcorn, simply delicious custom cakes and more. i'll be there interviewing bands for the podcast, so if you come out, say hi. here's the online invite rsvp and we'll see you there!my guest for episode 359 is jared leibowich from one of my favorite new bands here in austin, the zoltars! i came across the zoltars when i was looking for bands to have on during sxsw, when i found out they were from austin, i hit them up and had jared on. they have just released a new self-titled album available on happenin' records. they've done a good amount of touring and are about to hit the road again soon. if you're in austin for sxsw go to and find out where they'll be playing during the festival. i absolutely love their music and i thoroughly enjoyed getting to know jared. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 342: Silver Ships

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all out there successfully fishing in the stocked pond of life. things are good here. i'm starting to feel normal again. i've been making plans for later in the week. i don't have any shows this weekend. we're just doing a private show at the acl moody theater on wednesday. should be fun! i'm feeling good enough to start working on some new music. i've been itching to make some new songs, but i've felt like such shit the last couple of weeks, that didn't. anyway, i'll let you know when i do. my guest for episode 342 is four-track wizard, chazz bessette from the band, silver ships! they've just released a new album, songs from a room that never moves, that is absolutely gorgeous. chazz recorded it himself writing all the songs, playing all the instruments and recording on to a four-track reel-to-reel tape machine. we have a fantastic conversation about coming up a four-track in seattle, math rock, moving to austin, touring and much, much more. i was getting sick during this conversation so please excuse me if i sound grumpy. i hope you enjoy getting to know chazz as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Saturday Oct 25, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. things are good here. i've had a busy week... i played with SKYROCKET!, recorded with kimmie rhodes, did a couple of podcasts and went to a party. it's been a good week. i'm about to hit the road to houston for a show tonight. so yeah. busy times. speaking of busy times, i have a couple of solo shows this week. tomorrow, sunday october 26th, i'll be playing a fundraiser at the spider house ballroom at 4 pm. come out and support the children. on tuesday, october 28th, i'll be playing a celebration of the volstead act at the volstead here in austin. i play at 8:30. also on the bill, nathan harlan! come out and say guest for episode 320 is musician/producer/label owner and now manager, chris frenchy smith! you might know frenchy as the musician behind sixteen deluxe and young heart attack or as producer or as owner of the bubble. this is frenchy's second appearance on the show. he was on in the summer of 2013. anyway, we got together last week and caught we talked about everything from the foo fighters vs. U2 and the way they're releasing their albums, spotify, buying music, his new adventure as co-manager of the band purple, frenchy smith records and much, much more. frenchy and i have been friends for 23 years and i always have a great time talking to him. i hope you enjoy it. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg i did. 

Episode 306: Wrenfro

Thursday Sep 04, 2014

Thursday Sep 04, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. maybe you had a short week because of labor day. if so, congratulations. i'm back at it tonight with SKYROCKET!. we're playing the finish line of a fun run tonight here in austin, then we're flying out at 7:30 in the morning to oklahoma city to jump on a shuttle that will take us to some crazy disco-golf tournament a couple of hours outside of okc. i'll be back sunday. should be fun. i want to remind you that tuesday is my last "johnny goudie & friends" residency at strange brew. i have a great line-up that night... ryan holley, joe reyes and the legendary kathy valentine! if you're in austin, come THIS tuesday sept. 9th at 8 pm and let's say goodbye to this summer residency in style!my guests for episode 306 are tony scalzo and kevin mckinney from the band, wrenfro! kevin and tony have both been on the show and you might know tony from the band fastball and kevin from his band, soulhat. anyway, these amazing talents have joined forces and started a band called, wrenfro. after settling on the right line-up, chris gebhard on bass and ed jarusinsky on drums, they've released  two singles on itunes and cd baby, they're getting ready to embark on a wednesday residency at strange brew starting on wednesday, sept 17th at 8 pm. anyway, we have a great conversation about the state of the music business, fastball,  spotify, wrenfro in the studio and much more. i love kevin and tony. i recommend checking out their music on itunes and if you live in austin, get out to a show and see what they're all about. let's get down!ciao! -jgsponsored by: strange brew lounge side 

Thursday Aug 14, 2014

hello my friends! wow! we made it to 200 episodes! can you believe it? well, i don't really know where to start... i'd like to thank sheboygan for the theme song. they have an album coming out this month and they'll finally be guests very soon. i would like to thank all of the guests that have taken time out to meet with me and have a conversation. these last 100 shows were very fun and exciting. if you haven't heard them, check out this episode, you'll get a taste of them. most of all, i'd like to thank YOU, the listener for listening. you make this show possible. THANK YOU. i'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes. are you?episode 200: highlights is the "best of" the last 100 episodes. in this episode, you'll hear from bob schneider on cleaning up, ian mclagan on groupies in the 70's, producer, c.j. eiricksson talks about working with hanson, glen phillips talks about a new album from toad the wet sprocket, lance keltner talks about giving rod stewart a suggestion and getting fired for it, steve poltz talks about laughing at really bad news, elizabeth mcqueen talks about the beatles, joanna barbera talks about being out of place in arizona, nakia and a.j. vallejo talk about racism in the south and the band death talk about their next move.... all good stuff! thank you again for listening. we couldn't do it without you. xoxo, jg

Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

hey everyone!!! welcome to episode 100! thank you so much to everyone who has helped, supported, come by and talked to me and listened! thank you so much for listening. i'm looking forward to the next 100!this episode features highlights from the first 100 episodes and a quick talk with todd v. wolfson about my experience doing this. this show includes excerpts of my conversations with suzanna choffel, dony wynn, ian moore, fastball, dale dudley, kathy valentine, tim palmer, alpha rev, will sexton, alejandro escovedo, bodeans, billy harvey and david grissom. i hope you enjoy these these highlights as much as i do. thank you again.ciao! -jg

Friday Jul 25, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you're hitting your summer stride. maybe you've had a vacation or gone to the movies or found the right pool with the right pool guests. indoors or out, beating them or joining them, i hope the summer is yours. the summer of YOU! i haven't truly taken advantage of summer. i've only gone swimming once, no pool parties, just announced my summer jam last week. well, i'm making up for it next week. on august 1st, i'm heading out to the beach for "beach weekend 2014"! yes. i'm going to galveston to stay in a beach house with my family for a few days. they're gonna meet my girlfriend, zuri. zuri's gonna meet them... it's all going down next week. i can't wait!my guest for episode 294 is martin theophilus from the museum of magnetic sound recording! yes. i said the museum of magnetic sound recording. have a look for yourself MOMSR.ORG. i saw martin on the news last saturday morning talking about the museum and how they've started an indiegogo campaign to get some storage because martin and his wife, chris, house over 180 tape machines and hundreds of microphones in their home. anyway, i looked them up, reached out to them and martin and chris came over to tell me what the museum is about and what they need to make this dream a reality. i would love to have this museum in austin. i would go there all the time. i know a lot of my engineer, producer and audio-nerd friends would absolutely LOVE it too. i had a great time talking to martin and getting to know about the museum. i'm going to look at their collection soon. i'll post pictures on the facebook page. i hope enjoy my conversation with martin. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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