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Monday Aug 11, 2014

hello friends! welcome to episode 299: songs from the podcast! i get turned on to a lot of amazing music through this podcast. i get to hear some great music for the first time from doing this show. well, i would like to share some the music that i got turned on to through the podcast over the last hundred episodes. there is so much music that i can't put it all in the mix so i chose some songs that i have been listening to since i first heard them on the podcast. i hope you dig it. the playlist has music from ume, dana falconberry, salim nourallah, scorpion child, joseph king, leopold and his fiction, dupree, the mastersons, the soft white sixties, arp, spanish gold and sheboygan. i made a spotify playlist called, "how did i get here?" here's a link spotify playlist i want you guys to make your own spotify playlists and share them on our facebook page. i hope you enjoy this playlist i made for you. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 08, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i can't believe we're almost at episode 300. wow. i am so glad i started doing this. i wanted to let you guys know that i will be taking part in the soundtrack series podcast tomorrow, saturday 8/9 at 8pm. they'll be recording it live at the nd. this is my second appearance on the show and i'm really excited about it. the soundtrack series is a storytelling podcast where people choose a song and tell a story about how that song affected them. they're usually very funny and touching. dale dudley, laurie gallardo and many others will be on the show. here's a link to the site on the show today we have a visit from dr. ellen jefferson from austin pets alive! she stopped by and we talked about how people can get involved and help keep austin a "no kill city". even if you don't live in austin, she has some great ideas about how to make your city a "no kill" city. check it out. get guests for episode 298 are orb recording studio owners and members of blue october, matt novesky and cb hudson! these guys have opened the top-of-the-line, first-class studio. orb recording studios has already recorded the likes of justin bieber, lil wayne, blue october, quiet company and many, many more. i suggest you look at it for yourself. simply got to anyway, we have a great conversation about their philosophy, their vision behind the studio, blue october and much, much more. cb and matt are cool, soulful guys that are really reaching for the stars and making a creative environment that is the best around to create the best art possible. i know they'll do well. i hope enjoy my conversation with them. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 296: Chasca

Friday Aug 01, 2014

Friday Aug 01, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am on my way to "beach weekend 2014" with my girlfriend, zuri and my family. i have been looking forward to this for months. anyway, i'll be back on tuesday for my strange brew show which by the way, is going to be super-fun this week. my guests are kurt neumann from the bodeans and cory glaeser from sheboygan, skyrocket and he's the author of our theme song, "needle hits the groove". here's some info on the show info on the show . come out. it will be fun!my guest for episode 296 is theater/prog/art/glam-rock band, chasca! i saw them online and i was intrigued so i listened to their e.p., bedtime for bedlamites i was really impressed so i reached out to them. j.t. and junior came to the apartment and we had an entertaining conversation about everything being from san marcos, grown men wearing make-up, thinking outside the box, working with the great frenchie smith and much, much more. great guys. great conversation. let's get to know chasca.ciao! -jg

Episode 288: Kelley Mickwee

Friday Jul 04, 2014

Friday Jul 04, 2014

happy 4th of july my fellow americans! for those of you not in the u.s., happy friday! i hope you're all well and you have great plans for this holiday. i woke up today to the pool at my apartments totally trashed. i saw a bunch of people partying like crazy when i got home from my gig last night at like midnight. now there are beer cans everywhere, tables are turned over and the exercise room is totally flooded because they stopped up the toilets. why am i complaining to you? because i think it's ugly. don't trash public places. i was gonna spend some time at the pool today. now i can't. happy 4th of july!my guest for episode 288 is singer/songwriter, kelley mickwee! you might know her from americana sensation, the trishas. well, the trishas are on hiatus and kelley has taken it upon herself to make a solo album. her self-produced, debut solo album, you used to live here, comes out on july 22nd. you can go to to hear some of it. it's amazing! she's already gotten some great reviews and recognition for making a very special album. kelley came by and we talked about making her record in memphis, writing her first songs after getting a publishing deal, professional songwriting appointments in nashville, inside the trishas' phenomenal rise and much, much more. kelley is super cool and a great hang! i hope you like getting to know her as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jun 13, 2014

hello friends of the american bald eagle! i hope you are all happy, healthy and sexually satisfied citizens of earth. i am good. i went on the new boardwalk that opened behind my apt. it's fucking amazing! i love not having to run on streets or sidewalks next to streets. it's all very luxurious. i want to remind you guys that we're doing a live podcast recoding this tuesday, june 17th at strange brew in austin, tx. my guests will be the hilarious charlie hodge, amazing singer/songwriter, graham wilkinson and one of america's premier dance/rock bands, sphynx! the festivities start at 8 pm. here's some info  come out and get involved with the show!my guest for episode 282 is one of my favorite songwriters/singers/musicians/producers/actors/friends/poets/funny people, billy harvey!!!!! billy and i have been friends for almost 20 years. he's one of the most all-around talented people i know and a great hang. he was in town on tour with salim nourallah and alex dezen and stooped by for a chat. we talked about his newest album in the works, dear danger, playing with katy sagal on "the sons of anarchy" tour, his collaboration with louise goffin, producing, acting, growing a beard, getting off facebook and much, much more. i totally love billy and by the end of our conversation, you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all well. i'm doing better today than i was yesterday when i recorded the intro for this episode. i had some dental work done yesterday and had some pain in my jaw and when i recorded the intro for this episode, i was on vicodin. i thought it would be fun to do an "altered" intro. other than that, things are good here. i have totally forgotten that today kicks-off the moontower comedy festival here in austin. i got a badge a while back and i'm excited to go tonight and tomorrow. i haven't really gone through the line-up to plan my route yet. i guess i'll do that after practice today. i'll let you know how it goes on friday. also, if you live in san antonio, skyrocket will be at the aztec theater this friday, april 25th. come out and say hi!episode 268 is the last of the sxsw 2014 multi-interview shows. i know. i'm kinda sad to see them go too. on this episode i sit down and talk to DTCV (pronounced detective) from the joshua tree desert just hours before they leave austin to head out on a 5-week tour. i talk to lo-fi genius, daniel hunter, about his band, analog rebellion from dallas. i talk to victory from los angeles about their brand of sun-bleached garage rock. last, but certainly not least, i talk to chappo from brooklyn, ny who had just finished a long u.s. tour at a crazy music festival. at the end of the chappo interview, they ask us to leave the hilton. good way to end it. i love all of these bands and i'm sure you will too. enjoy!ciao! - jg

Friday Apr 04, 2014

hello friends! i am up early this friday morning getting my shit together to head out of town with SKYROCKET! for three days. if you're in houston tomorrow, saturday 4/5/14, we'll be at the continental club. come out! it's a good time. this week i've spent a lot of time with comics. monday i played with sweat and lotion at the cap city comedy club for the live charlie hodge show, tuesday i talked to john tole for the podcast. if you listen to the show, you'll know we talked a year ago and it's the only episode i accidentally erased... this one is so good, i can't wait fo you to hear it. it'll be up in a month or so. yesterday i recorded a theme song for my pal, lucas molandes and his new podcast, "good grief". it's a sweet electronic dream pop jam. we had a good time. lots of laughs. i hope you're laughing.episode 261 is another sxsw 2014 double-header! first up, angelo moore and the brand new step! i have been a fan of angelo's since the 80's when i first heard fishbone. angelo has been making solo music for a number of years now since fishbone split up. he's back with an amazing band, the brand new step. they have a new album out and i got to see them play live and it was amazing. i loved talking to angelo and his bandmates. sadly it was a little too loud, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. i did. my second guest for episode 261 is the talented singer/songwriter/musician, kayce laine! kayce was on a couple of epsides ago with joseph king. she was here playing keys and bas with him. she gave me some songs to listen to and i found out she was doing an instore while she was here, so i went. we had a chat at a wine bar. kayce is a great songwriter and a great musician. when we met, it felt like i had met one of my tribe. her e.p. , lucid is on bandcap. check it out! i hope you enjoy this sxsw double-header. let's get down!ciao! -jf

Friday Mar 21, 2014

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well. i have been putting together all of my sxsw shows and let me tell ya, there are a lot. i have been pleasantly surprised that so many turned out so good. i was worried that i was doing to many in a row. that they were too short. that the places i was were too noisy. the only thing that turned out true is that some places were just so noisy and there were too many distractions to really have a focused conversation. but they turned out good. some are even great! look forward to these shows coming out over the next month. today's episode is my first one. enjoy!episode 257 is a double-header of returning guests! first up is lauren larson from ume. lauren was on a couple of years ago and since her last appearance the band has played over 200 shows in the u.s. and europe, been in tons of magazines including guitar world and rolling stone, they've just released a new album called monuments and they're heading out on a midwest/west coast tour on 3/23! we have a great conversation. next up is my dear old friend, joseph king who is making his 4th appearance on the show! last we heard from him, he was starting a kickstarter campaign to fund his debut solo album. well, it got funded and joseph released his beautiful new album, wanderlusting on march 5th. came to austin to showcase for sxsw and he brought his new band by the apartment and i got to catch up with joseph and get to know the talented kayce and will. we had a great talk! i hope you enjoy these conversations as much i did. ciao! -jg

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014

hello friends! i hope that you are winning, or at least advancing, in your own private revolution. it's such gorgeous weather this week. it's totally inspiring. i went to kimmie rhodes' house yesterday and started writing a new song with her. i just love her. then i went saw her band, middle fanger, last night at the saxon pub. the band is kimmie, bill carter and kimmie's son, gabe. i ended up jumping on stage and playing a couple of songs with them. it was so fun and such an inspiration to play with them. i'm looking forward to more. my guest for episode 238 is the amazing carolyn wonderland! since this show started i have gotten requests from you guys to get carolyn on the show... well, here she is! i can still remember the first time i saw carolyn play in 1991 at zelda's in houston like it was yesterday. think it's because i had never seen anyone like her before. carolyn is the real deal. she has transcended learning and playing the blues to being someone who is CREATING the blues. she is an amazing guitar player, singer, songwriter and whistler. i was really glad she was able to come by and talk. we talk about everything, her husband, a. whitney brown's amazing pepper collection, the houston music/theater/comedy scene, townes van zandt, touring, europe, politics and much, much more. carolyn is not only amazingly talented, she's also an incredibly beautiful person. i hope you enjoy our conversation as much as i did. ciao! -jg

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