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Thursday Nov 30, 2017

Hello friends! Welcome to a special episode of "How Did I Get Here?". A few months ago, Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga from Fastball were asked to record some comments about definitive versions of songs for a Spotify playlist. They invited me to be a part of that conversation and we kept a fun and unedited version for "How Did I Get Here?". So we did. We discuss songs like "You Really Got Me" and wether The Kinks' or Van Halen have the definitive version. We talk about other songs "Hallelujah", "How Can You Mend Broken Heart" and more. Fastball has had a great year. Their amazing new album, Step Into The Light has been doing really well and they've been on tour of the U.S. all summer. They'll be playing tomorrow night, Friday, December 1st at Antone's here in Austin. Find out when they're coming to a town near you by going to I hope you enjoy our chat about music. Please let us know by leaving us a comment here or on our Facebook page.

Episode 646: Shy Beast

Friday Nov 24, 2017

Friday Nov 24, 2017

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! MC, David Tenczar and Andrew Bennett from dream-pop band, Shy Beast are my guest for episode 646! Their gorgeous, debut e.p. came out a week ago and has already been receiving great reviews. You can find their music and schedule at They'll be playing at Mohawk here in Austin on Friday, December 15th. You should go. We have a fantastic conversation about MC asserting herself as a leader and bring their music into focus, working with a multi-writer band, MC explains the terms, "upper-crust" and "Tinder-poop" and much more! I hope you enjoy getting to know these guys. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Oct 10, 2017

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. Andy Tenberg and Paul Kresowik from Austin R&B/Soul band, Tomar And The FCs are my guests for epsiode 633! Their brilliant album, Heart Attack engineered by one of our favorites, Adrien Quesada, is available now wherever you stream or download your jams. They were The Austin Music Foundation's Band of the Month for September and they'll be play ACL Fest this Saturday, October 14th. Go to for music, videos and gig schedule. We have a great conversation about how the FCs came to be, Iowa, making Heart Attack, what they're working on next, i was really wrong about The Astros making it to the playoffs and I'm sorry and much, much more! I had a great time getting to know Paul and Andy. I'm sure you will too. Plus, my friend, artist/musician Donnie Henry checks in via Skype to talk about his latest industrial art show, Music To My Eyes which will be up Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th at The Hotel Van Zant here in Austin, TX. Donnie and I have a fantastic chat about what made him make art out of his musical memories and how he can help make that art for YOU. You can fnd out more about Donnie and his Music To My Eyes art show at Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Friday Sep 29, 2017

Hello friends! Jack Thornton and Matt Leslie from garage-rock/power-pop trio, The History Department are my guests for episode 630! Their brand new e.p., Alchemy is avaialble now on Bandcamp and will be available on all platforms next Tuesday, October 3rd. They're also playing a release show here in Austin at Cheer-up Charlie's on Tuesday, october 3rd. I had a great time talking to Matt and Jack about making Alchemy, Jack's work with Shivery Shakes, Matt's sobriety and what it brings to the band and much, much more. I had a great time hanging with these guys. I'm sure you will too. Plus, Eli Moore from Seattle WA area garage-pop band, Baby Island checks-in via Skype. Their brilliant new album, Break The Lease is out now. Find it on their Bandcamp page. Two great conversations on one show! Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

Hello friends! Indie/pop rockers, Color Candy are my guests on the show for episode 627! Their gorgeous debut e.p., Beach Ball came out this summer and the band has been busy playing shows in support of it. They'll be playing this Sunday, September 24th at The 37th Annual Pecan Street Festival at 2 pm on the Trinity stage. Merri Palmer, Robert Willis and Kevin Martin stopped by a few weeks ago and i got to know all about Color Candy. Find Beach Ball and a listing of all their shows at I had a great time getting to know these guys. I'm sure you will too. Plus, my old friend, Christine Albert stops by to talk about The 2017 Swan Songs Serenade Benefit Concert Featuring Ruthie Foster taking place on Wednesday, October 18th at Riverbend Center for the Arts. Swan Songs care program is the fulfillment of musical last wishes for people at the end of their lives with no charge to the patient or family for this service. Get tickets for the event and find out how to donate at Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Former Go-Go, current Bluebonnet and one of my favorite people, Kathy Valentine returns to the show for episode 626! Kathy's has a busy year and she's back on the show to talk about it. Plus, she's started a new series assembling the talent of women in the arts called, "She Factory". The first of the series is a song pool featuring Nina Diaz (Girl In A Coma), Carolyn Wonderland, Jane Ellen Bryant, Suzanna Choffel, Ruthie Foster and Patricia Vonne. It takes place at The Townsend on Tuesday, September 19th from 8-10:30. You can find out all the details HERE. Kathy and I have  great conversation about The Bluebonnets newest album, Tonewrecker, her solo singles she's been releasing,  the idea behind and the future of "She Factory", her memoir and much, much more! I always love hanging out with Kathy. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Sep 05, 2017

Hello friends! Things are still a mess on the Gulf Coast of Texas and cities like Houston, Beumont and others still need your help. People have really gone above and beyond for each other over the last week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Donate to The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and The Central Texas Food Bank HERE. Keep it up, they're going to need it for a while.
New York City singer/songwriter, raconteur and one of my best friends, Joseph King from Joseph King & The Mad Crush returns to the show! Their brilliant new e.p. I Miss Everything is available now. Joseph was doing a solo tour in Texas last week and stopped by the apartment to chat about his new band, I Miss Everything, what happens when your team breaks down prior to release, the secret meaning of "sofaplaya", connecting with your audience, his next recording peoject and much, much more. Joseph is a great artist and a great guy. I Miss Everything is his best work yet. Find music, show dates & more at I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Aug 22, 2017

Hello friends! I hope you all had a good total eclipse of the sun yesterday. I did. The Mrs are my guests on the show today! In 2009, Andra Liemandt and Jenny Mason picked up musical instruments and decided to start a band with the idea of making music to help women see themselves in a more positive light. 8 years later they've been featured in People Magazine, CBS News, Fox News, Billboard Magazine, their "Magic Mirror" video has over 5 million plays, their single "I'm Enough" charted in Billboard's "Hot A.C." chart, they've opened for some of the biggest bands you know, Their self-titled debut album is out now and the second single, "Somewhere To Go" is just coming out of the gates. These women are bringing a message of empowerment, understanding and love in a time when the world needs it most. I had an amazing conversation with Andra, Jenny and their bandmates, Larissa Ness and Mandy Prater. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did. Find tourdates, music and videos of The Mrs at
Plus, Charlie Faye and the Fayettes are about to go into the studio to record their second album and they'd like your help. Charlie stopped by last week and told me all about their new Pledgemusic campaign with lots of incentives, special updates and video content available only to donors. Go to Charlie Faye and the Fayettes PledgeMusic Campaign  for more info. Let's get down!

Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. Quiet Company has a gorgeous new e.p., Your Husband The Ghost, dropping this Friday, August 18th! Quiet Company's Taylor Muse and Your Husband The Ghost producer, Frenchie Smith are my guests on the show today! This is the band's second e.p. released this year. The brilliant, 3-song, It's Not Attractive And It Changes Nothing came out in March. You can find their music, release show show dates and all things Quiet Company at Taylor and Frenchie have both been on the show several times and are both really good friends of mine, so it was a treat to sit down and talk all things, Your Husband The Ghost, the trouble with meeting your idols, recording intimate vocals in an intimate environment, ugly-crying while writing sad songs about divorce, out love for Buttercup and Joe Reyes and much, much more! I think the world of both of these guys as artists and people and I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Thursday Aug 10, 2017

Hello friends! Welcome to episode 617! Six years ago today, August 10, 2011, I released episode 1 of "How Did I Get Here?" with my guest, Suzanna Choffel. I thought it would be nice to put together a clip show of some of conversations I've gotten to have with people I love and admire over the last six years. Frank Turner (ep. 430 -10/30/15) talks about the coreleation between the punk and folk ethos, Kathy Valentine (ep. 18 -10/22/11) tells her story about joining The GoGo's, Hunt Sales (ep. 88 -7/29/12) discusses the ups and downs of an illustrious career, Angelo Moore (ep. 261 -4/4/14) on how he fell in love with the Theremin, A Giant Dog (ep. 330 -11/27/14) on Sweet Spirit and how they came together, Bruce Sudano (ep. 477 -4/1/16) on the transition out of disco into pop and singer/songwriter music, Penelope Spheeris (ep. 407 -8/12/15) on why Paul Stanley was in bed with so many girls when she interviewed him for "The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years", David Grissom (ep. 89 -7/27/12) being onstage with The Dixie Chicks in London in 2003 when Natalie Maines made the George Bush comment, John Bush (ep. 314 -10/6/14) on meeting Edie Brickell and starting The New Bohemians, AJ Vallejo (ep. 600 -6/13/17) AJ gets naughty at a live podcast with Nakia, Jaimee Harris and Jane Ellen Bryant. I want to thank all of the guests who have been on the show and all the publicists, managers and friends who help me get folks on the show. Mostly, I want to thank YOU for listening. Thanks for a great six years. I'm looking forward to the next few years and all the conversations I'll have. Have a great weekend. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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