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Wednesday Apr 22, 2020

Hello friends! I hope you're all safe, healthy and sane. The movie, We Take The Low Road just debuted on Amazon Prime and I have writer/co-director, Jerry Spears and soundtrack and score composers, Kevin Curtin & Jonas Wilson on episode 909! You can watch the trailer and much more at or just watch it on Amazon Prime now. We have a great conversation about the real life experience that inspired the movie, the problem with America's rising medical costs, making the movie on a budget while making it look expensive, using Austin music and musicians for the score and soundtrack and much more! I had a great time learning about how this movie was made and getting to know these fine artists. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
To find out more about or sign up for the FREE "Austin Music Foundation Presents Time To Pivot: Adjusting Your Music Business Strategy Part 2!" panel taking place on Facebook live on Wed. 4/22 at 7:30 pm go HERE.
Ciao! -JG
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Episode 906: Eliza Gilkyson

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

Hello friends! I hope you're all safe and healthy. Grammy nominated, legendary singer/songwriter, Eliza Gilkyson is my guest for episode 906! Eliza's latest album, the powerful, gorgeous and timely, 2020 is available now wherever you stream or download your jams. You can catch Eliza's weekly live stream Fridays at 5:30 pm CST on her Facebook page. Go to for music, videos workshops and more. We have a great conversation about coming from a musical family, her 50 year career in music, the importance of message in music, making 2020 with an all-star band and her son Cisco Ryder producing and much more! I had a wonderful time catching up with my dear old friend. I'm sure you will too.
Ciao! -JG
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Friday Jul 12, 2019

Hello friends! Legendary singer/songwriter, Americana hero, author, Ray Wylie Hubbard is my guest for episode 820! Ray's discography and career speak for themselves. His adventurous life has been documented on tons of albums and even an autobiography, A Life... Well, Lived. Though his career started in honky-tonks in the 70's and he had a hit when Jerry Jeff Walker covered his irreverent barroom classic, "Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother" in 1973, by the mid 80's his partying ways had left him lost and at the end of his rope. Then he sobered up, took control over his life and career. He started running his label and organization with his wife and partner, Judy and his career has flourished. We have an amazing conversation about his life and career including crazy and amazing things like, being bachelor #2 on "The Dating Game", having Ringo Starr play on his upcoming album, his songwriting process, social media, collaborations with The Bright Light Social Hour, The Bluebonnets, Jesse Dayton and others and much more! I had an amazing time getting to know Ray. I know you will too. To find Ray's music, tour schedule or book, go to Let's get down!
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Ciao! -JG

Episode 805: Nathan Hamilton

Friday May 24, 2019

Friday May 24, 2019

Hello friends! Singer/songwriter/artist/photographer/author, Nathan Hamilton is my guest for episode 805! Nathan's new book of poetry and photography, the beautiful "This Engineless Hour" is out now. His many albums are all available where ever you stream and download your jams. You can find Nathan, his music, tour dates, book and more at We have a great conversation about his artistic journey, his album Tuscola which just turned 20 years old, his old band, Nathan Hamilton and No Deal, his family life, the 25 years of collecting his photos and poems for "This Engineless Hour" and much more. I had a great time getting to know Nathan. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

In December of last year, The Austin Music Foundation invited me to do some live panel discussions with three legendary Austin creatives about their journey and "how they got here" at the On the Record An ATX Marketplace and Panel event at Native Hostel. I sat down and got into it with producer/musician, Chris "Frenchie" Smith, Kathy Valentine from The Go-Go's and The Bluebonnets and Louis Black film producer, co-founder of SXSW, The Austin Chronicle and the new Sex Hawke Black Records. I would like to thank On the Record sponsors, Vinylmnky, Native Hostels, SXSW and The Austin Music Foundation for having me. I would also like to thank WERD Productions for recording the show and running the sound. I hope you enjoy these inspiring conversations with these legendary creative trailblazers. I sure did. Let's get down!
Ciao! -JG

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Former Go-Go, current Bluebonnet and one of my favorite people, Kathy Valentine returns to the show for episode 626! Kathy's has a busy year and she's back on the show to talk about it. Plus, she's started a new series assembling the talent of women in the arts called, "She Factory". The first of the series is a song pool featuring Nina Diaz (Girl In A Coma), Carolyn Wonderland, Jane Ellen Bryant, Suzanna Choffel, Ruthie Foster and Patricia Vonne. It takes place at The Townsend on Tuesday, September 19th from 8-10:30. You can find out all the details HERE. Kathy and I have  great conversation about The Bluebonnets newest album, Tonewrecker, her solo singles she's been releasing,  the idea behind and the future of "She Factory", her memoir and much, much more! I always love hanging out with Kathy. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday May 17, 2016

hello friends! i hope your week is starting off right. things are good here. i've been working on some paintings today. i am putting one in a show on friday, may 20th at the one-2-one bar called, "the tasteless nudes rock and art show". all proceeds benefit the health alliance for austin musicians. unfortunately, i won't be able to be there because skyrocket is playing a show in houston that night. get out if you can and pick up some art and support haam. speaking of support, kady rain stopped by the other day to talk about her new gofundme campaign they have going to get the money to put out their ep, make some new merch. and make a video. go to to find out what you can do to help.
my guest for episode 490 is music industry veteran, journalist, podcatser, music fan and author, tom desavia! "under the big black sun: a personal history of l.a. punk" by john doe with tom desavia and friends came out a couple of weeks ago. it is an exceptional depiction of the l.a. punk scene of the late 70's and early 80's told by the people that built it and lived it including tom. tom and i met in he early 90's when i was in mr. rocket baby and he worked for ascap. a few years later when my band, goudie, signed to lars ulrich's vanity label under elektra records, tom was west coast v.p of a&r. we have a great conversation about what it took to get this amazing book together, how tom got in the business, his affiliation with the band X and much, much more. tom is one of my favorite people i've met on my journey through this crazy business. he's a true fan. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 15, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i'm good. it's been a weird week. i did get to spend a few days with my dogs, taylor and dylan. we went to the park three days in a row. it was a great time. we spent some great time together. i saw "the hateful eight" yesterday. it was great! i recommend it unless you don't like graphic violence. if you're in austin, skyrocket will be playing tonight, friday, jan. 15th, at the one-2-one bar. we go on at 10:30. come out party with guest for episode 455 is sharonne sofer from brother wolf and the carnivores! life is war, their fantastic first e.p., life is war is out now. you can find it at their shows or just go to i'd like to thank the austin music foundation for hooking us up. sharonne came by a couple of weeks ago and we had a great conversation about growing up on the east coast, progressive reggae bands, their new e.p., life is war and much, much more! i had a great time getting to know sharonne. i'm sure you will too. plus, andy and brian from the new live music app, gigtown stop by and fill us in on their new app bringing musicians and their fans together available in san diego, seattle and now austin. check it out! let's get down!ciao!

Friday Jan 08, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well and getting ready for the weekend. i have a big show for you guys today. first up, i have a skype conversation with houston press writer, kristy loye! kristy wrote an article for the houston called, "rock and roll is dead, and even axl and slash can't save it". that really hit a nerve with people both with it and against it. go read it for yourself here . i reached out to kristy because i thought she touched on some important issues facing all musicians, how to make a living in an age where support for musicians (and artists in general) is becoming more scarce by the day. great conversation!!!on a completely different note, i also talk to french-pop artist, lou rebecca. lou is playing a show tonight, fri. 1/8 at the vulcan gas company in austin, tx. she moved here 6 months ago from paris, where she grew up the daughter of a pop singer mother and record producing father. she has an ep ready for release but has to figure out her deal with her french publishing company, sony. lou and her husband, daniel, a great photographer and director, came by last week and we had a great conversation. i hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! jg

Episode 449: Casey Monahan

Friday Dec 25, 2015

Friday Dec 25, 2015

merry christmas! i hope you're all in a good place. i hope i'm in a good place. i wish you all happiness, love and peace this holiday season. i will be on my way home this christmas day. i'm going to spend the weekend back home with my loved one, zuri. maybe we'll go to a movie, see a band, play some yatzee... end of the holiday decompression and relaxation. because even if i wasn't working any of my "jobs" this week, being with family and that whole thing can be pretty intense and a couple of days of quiet and mellow vibes. i'll talk to you on tuesday and fill you in on star wars, family time, last-minute shopping, christmas and more. merry christmas!my guest for episode 449 is behind-the-scenes texas music legend, casey monahan. if you don't know casey, he was a writer for the austin american-statesman,  he was the director of the texas state music office for 25 years under governors ann richards, george w. bush and rick perry, he created the texas music register, he was on the team that brought the grammy chapter to texas in 1994, he produced roky erickson and much, much more. in january 2015, when the new regime took over the texas capital, casey was let go. the music community was outraged, but casey turned his energy toward his family and now is back at work consulting music businesses and more. casey is a great hang, a wealth of music knowledge and a real sweetheart. i hope you enjoy my conversation with casey. i sure did. let's get down! merry christmas! -jg

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