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Tuesday May 31, 2016

hello friends! i hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. i did. i played some gigs with skyrocket, zuri and i laid low on sunday and i actually did a couple of podcasts yesterday. i want to let you guys know about that skyrocket will be playing in the hill country this friday, june 3rd at mercer street dance hall in dripping springs and friday, june 4th, we'll be playing at the continental club in houston. come out, it's a good time. kady rain stops by in the intro of the show to talk about the gofundme page they started to finish their e.p., make a video, hire a publicist and make some new merch. they're very close to reaching their goal. you can help them make it. 
ghostland observatory frontman, aaron behrens and producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, jonas wilson collectively known as the midnight stroll, return to the show today for episode 494! they've both been on before on their own, now they back together to talk about the gorgeous new midnight stroll album, heartbreak bugaloo, which comes out tomorrow, wednesday, june 1st! you can find it at all the regular online places including their bandcamp page. we have a great conversation about how they wrote and recorded heartbreak bugaloo together, ghostland observatory's summer schedule, jonas's solo albums, we try to figure out who the new rock heroes are and much, much more! i love hanging out and talking to these guys. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 482: Kady Rain

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

hello friends! floods are taking over today here in texas. houston has been hit hard and i hope all of our houston friends are safe and dry. i was in houston this weekend playing a couple of shows with skyrocket. i spent record store day there. i went to cactus music and sig's lagoon. i didn't get any "special releases", but i scored some good vinyl and got some gifts for folks. i hope you got to get out to some mom and pop record stores this weekend too. you can find my record store day pics at our facebook page.
my guests for episode 482 are pop music geniuses, kady rain and ben bazzrea! they have a brilliant new single dropping this week called, "can't save us" you can hear it at the end of the show. kady and ben stopped by a couple of weeks ago and we had a fantastic conversation about writing pop songs, how to be a pop band in austin, crazy parties when kady was my neighbor, internet trolls and much, much more!
you can hear their music and find out when they're playing by going to i hope enjoy getting to know kady and ben. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 460: The Halfways

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all had a good weekend. i actually had a weekend. i didn't play this weekend, so my weekend was "normal". friday was girlfriend, zuri's birthday and we had brunch, went shopping, had a nice french dinner, saw a comedy show, saw a rock & rock/sex show and got really drunk. we got down on friday night and could not get back up on saturday. anyway, i had a great weekend. happy birthday zuri!my guests for episode 460 are daniel and alejandro from psychedelic rock band, the halfways! the halfways just released their debut e.p. a couple of weeks ago, they've been playing in and around texas for the last few months and they're the austin music foundation's band of the month. daniel and alejandro came by a few weeks ago and we had a great conversation about trying to rock in miami, making their way to austin, finding bandmates and bands through ads, making the new ep and much, much more. you can find out all you need from the halfways by going to i hope you enjoy getting to now these guys as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 29, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're all getting ready for a fabulous weekend! the weather in austin is unseasonably gorgeous today. i would complain about global warming, but i'll just keep recycling, turning off my lights, walking instead of driving and things of that nature. it's also, my girlfriend, zuri's birthday and i have the weekend off from playing so we're going to hit the town all weekend! i hope you are too!my guest for episode 459 is the amazingly talented and entertaining, emily bell! emily has a fantastic new single out "goddess of destruction", a new band, emily bell & the talkbacks and a new residency! since emily was on the show in 2013, her life has taken many turns, both good and bad. now she's taken all of that energy and put it into a gorgeous/cathartic collection of songs that she will be showcasing with her new band, the talkbacks every other tuesday at stay gold in austin starting this tuesday, feb 2nd. if you don't live in austin, you can find all things emily bell at! i hope you enjoy my conversation with emily. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

rest in peace guests for episode 454 are power pop band, burgess meredith! josh king and jesse hester came by couple of weeks ago and we caught up about member changes, a new 7", playing lots of shows, we bonded over some of our favorite pop music and much, much more. you can find there new 7", double-a-side and their first release, banana moon at their website i had a great time getting to know josh and jesse. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 452: Love & Chaos

Tuesday Jan 05, 2016

Tuesday Jan 05, 2016

hello friends! i hope you're easing into 2016 in style and with grace. it's been a lazy year so far... i didn't do much this weekend except clean up, make some food, go to the grocery store, eat and watch movies. zuri and i watched a cool show called, "the man in the high castle" on amazon. it's about the world if the axis powers had won world war 2 and divided the country on ha;f be tween the japanese and the nazis. i recommend it. it's "free week" in austin, so of you're in town, get out and see some music. i'll be at the volstead in austin tonight (tues 1/5) opening for my friend and former band mate, nathan harlan. we start at 9. come out!my guests for episode 452 are kendall beard and aj vallejo from the band, love & chaos! they just released their self-titled debut e.p. on friday. they're playing a record release show on jan 14th at the saxon pub here in austin. you can find out where and when they're playing by going to kendall and aj are great friends of mine and we have a great conversation about the new ep, writing songs together, new babies, how music is distributed, making videos and much, much more! i hope you enjoy getting to know kendall and aj. they're two of my favorite people and i bet they'll be two of yours too when you finish this podcast. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 01, 2016

happy new year everyone! welcome to 2016! i hope you all had a safe and happy new years eve and spent it with loved ones. i am about to head to houston as i write this to play a new years eve party. should be fun. i'll be with my friends. i have some resolutions i'm going to try to stick to: quit sugar drinks and cookies, eventually quit smoking, be a better person. what are yours? my first guests for 2016 are kevin and candace collins from the 9-piece, soul/funk/reggae/hip-hop extravaganza known as, kev bev and the woodland creatures! their new album, domesticated is out TODAY, jan 1 2016! you can find it and all about them at domesticated is a celebration of life much like their idols, sly and the family stone. i thought this would be a great way to start out 2016. candace and kevin came a few weeks ago and had a great conversation about handling a 9-piece band, life in a small east coast town, music scenes, kickstarter, vinyl is the hotdog of music?, being a couple on a band and much, much more! i hope you enjoy getting to know candace and kevin as much as i did. let's get down! happy new year!ciao! -jg

Friday Nov 06, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. before we get to my conversation with ben balmer, i have a quick chat with michelle faires, producer of "honky tonk heaven: the story of the broken spoke" a documentary about the legendary texas honky tonk. they've just started editing and they've started a kickstarter campaign to finish up their movie. michelle gives us an insight to the story, but you can check it out and give at do it!my guest for episode 433 is singer/songwriter, ben balmer! i just happened to see ben a couple of months ago when he opened for aly tadros at a house concert. i was blown away by his songs and his performance, so i asked him to come over for a chat. well, he did and we had a great conversation about his newest album loose lips, sunk ships, bruised hips and boozed lips, touring the u.s. and europe, he played a song live on the show and much, much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know ben as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 432: Robert LaRoche

Wednesday Nov 04, 2015

Wednesday Nov 04, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all easing into fall. getting out those sweaters and jackets and hats. i want to welcome all of the new listeners. i hope that the show is serving you well. informing and entertaining you. please feel free to "like" and leave comments on the episodes here on the podbean page. also, we encourage you to "like" our facebook page and you can follow the whereabouts of our former guests, see what shows are coming up, see pictures of me with the guests and much more. please go there and get involved with the show!my guest for episode 432 is guitarist/singer/songwriter releasing his debut solo album, patient man robert laroche! robert has a record release show THIS friday november 6th at strange brew lounge side in austin, tx! i've known robert for over a decade and i've always had a great time hanging out with him. you might know robert best from being the guitar player for patricia vonne for over 15 years.  maybe you know him from his north hampton, mass band, the sighs which were active from the early 80's through the 90's. anyway, robert has gone through some life changes and struck out on his own with his gorgeous solo album, patient man produced by my pal, darin murphy. i hope you enjoy getting to know robert. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 431: LOLO

Monday Nov 02, 2015

Monday Nov 02, 2015

hello friends! i hope you all had an enjoyable halloween weekend. if you live in austin, i hope that you made it through the floods on friday. i had a pretty harrowing 6 1/2 hour trip to houston on friday getting around closed highways etc. i hope all that were affected by the floods are okay. hey gang! tomorrow, tuesday 11/3 at the townsend here in austin, i'll be playing with my rock band, ladyband johnson along with the bluebonnets, eve & the exiles and more. we'll be celebrating dominique davalos' birthday. she plays bass in ladyband johnson and in the bluebonnets and i love her. the shindig starts at 7:30. come out and party on a tuesday!my guest for episode 431 is singer/songwriter/actor and force to be reckoned with, LOLO. you might know her as lauren pritchard star of the hit broadway show, "spring awakening".  she's written the songs for an off broadway play called "songbird". she's just released an e.p., comeback queen on DCD2 records and is currently on "the wilderness politics tour" with andrew mcmahon in the wilderness, new politics and the griswolds. i caught up with LOLO when the tour stopped in austin at emo's last night and we had a great conversation in the backstage courtyard. her e.p. comeback queen is absolutely amazing. and i suggest you go to her website, and see when she's coming to a town near you. i hope you enjoy getting to know LOLO as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg 

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