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Episode 614: Michael Ramos

Monday Jul 31, 2017

Monday Jul 31, 2017

Hello friends! My guest for episode 614 is keyboard player, producer, songwriter and studio owner, Michael Ramos! Michael has most recently been touring with country artist, Pat Green but he's about to hit the road playing with Shawn Colvin on her tour celebrating 20 years of her album, "A Few Small Repairs". He's also been in his studio, Brown Recluse Studio, producing artists like Jackie Venson and Gina Chavez. Michael has been playing keyboards and on the road since he was a kid and has toured with artists like John Mellencamp, BoDeans, The Rembrants, Charlie Sexton and countless others. He's also produced albums for artists like, Gina Chavez, Nakia, Patty Griffin and many others. His band, Charanga Cakewalk had a great run as well. I've known Michael since I was 15 and have always looked up to him as a musician and great person and we have a fantastic conversation about his illustrious career. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did. Let's get down!
ciao! -jg

Episode 376: A.J. Vincent

Friday May 08, 2015

Friday May 08, 2015

hello my friends! i hope you're all doing well. i just got some horrible news that there is an "allergy tsunami" coming. is that sensationalism or am i in trouble for the coming months and according to the news, coming years as well. yuk! i just got on flonase a month ago. it seems to be working. how do you control your allergies? my guest for episode 376 is one of austin's best, most innovative and entertaining musicians, a.j. vinent! he's just joined austin's hard rock heroes, scorpion child! you might also know aj from his time as the keyboard player for the bright light social hour, or from his insane solo shows. he's won best keyboard player in the austin chronicle music awards. he's got solo music out and it's awesome you can hear it at we have a fantastic conversation about  being born and raised in austin, cutting his teeth in a metal/hardcore/indie rock band in high school called, poor man's opera, hearing pink floyd, boston, led zeppelin and tower of power all in one day, we discuss our idea for "speedos" the woman's answer to "hooters", people buy him leslie cabinets, keyboards, joining scorpion child and much, much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know aj. i sure did. let's get down!

Friday Feb 20, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i'm feeling good. i've been busy as shit. for one, skyrocket played a show on tuesday in houston also, we have a big corporate show coming up the first week in march that we have to learn a bunch of songs for. the night before that i'm playing my first show back with johnny in the ladies room where i'm re-learning songs for that and i've been doing podcasts every day and booking sxsw.... things are crazy. no gig this weekend, but i'll be at the quiet company release show at empire control room on saturday. if you're going to that show, you should come out early and see wild adriatic. they play at 7:30. make a night out of guests for episode 354 are full-on funk pushers, roxy roca! errol and taye make their second appearance on the show. they have big news, their debut album, ain't nothin' fancy, comes out next tuesday, 2/24/2015! if you live in austin, they have a record release next wednesday, 2/25/2015 at c-boys on south congress. they're also heading out on tour so look them up at    anyway, errol and taye came by and we got to talk about recording ain't nothin' fancy completely live, getting a new bus, how they use tito's vodka to get the funk out of their suits, their view on spotify and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 09, 2015

hello friends! i hope you're getting into your new year in style and with all the hope you had on new years eve. i spent the day running errands and i had lunch with my old friend, katrina. it was great catching up with her. i want to thank the folks that wrote in about the dwight twilley episode. i am hoping to get dwight in a face-to-face situation where we can really talk. i'm glad we did it. i'm going to try to do more phoners if i can get ahold of folks. do you like them? hey! if you're in austin tonight, friday, jan 9th 2015, SKYROCKET! is playing at the one-2-one bar on south lamar. we go on at 10. come out. say guest for episode 341 is my old friend and jazz great, elias haslanger! elias was on the show two years ago when he put out his album, church on monday. since he was last on, his "church on monday" shows at the continental club gallery have grown, they released a live album, live at the gallery, that has received amazing critical acclaim 4 1/2 stars in downbeat magazine and climbed to #14 on the jazz radio charts. also, tomorrow, elias and his church on monday band will be playing with alejandro escovedo at the acl moody theater as alejandro's orchestra. eli is a great musician and a real inspiration for staying inspired. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Thursday Dec 04, 2014

ian "mac" mclagan 1945-2014i went out to visit this rock and roll legend a couple of years ago with my dear friend, todd v. wolfson. we had an amazing hang. mac, was a real inspiration to me. i'm glad i have this conversation to remember him and his genuine kindness, sense of humor and all around coolness. this conversation gives you an idea of what he was like to hang out and shoot the shit with. he even had me turn off the recorder at one point to tell me a story that was a little too racy for public consumption, because he knew it would make todd and i laugh our asses off and it did. along with all music fans, his friends and his family, i will miss him. thank you for the music and the laughs, mac. i love you. below is the intro to the original episode.our guest for episode 105 is recent rock and roll hall of fame inductee, ian "mac" mclagan. mac is an amazing keyboard player who has been a part of some of rock and roll's most successful and influential bands like, the small faces, the faces, the rolling stones, bonnie raitt, bruce springsteen, john mayer and so many others. he's an incredibly talented musician (understatement) and an entertaining and gifted story teller. i went out to his house a little outside of austin with our mutual friend, todd and we sat in his studio and listened to some songs from his upcoming album (which is being mixed by glyn johns) and had a great conversation. i hope you enjoy this conversation with a true rock and roll legend. i did.

Thursday Aug 14, 2014

hello my friends! wow! we made it to 200 episodes! can you believe it? well, i don't really know where to start... i'd like to thank sheboygan for the theme song. they have an album coming out this month and they'll finally be guests very soon. i would like to thank all of the guests that have taken time out to meet with me and have a conversation. these last 100 shows were very fun and exciting. if you haven't heard them, check out this episode, you'll get a taste of them. most of all, i'd like to thank YOU, the listener for listening. you make this show possible. THANK YOU. i'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes. are you?episode 200: highlights is the "best of" the last 100 episodes. in this episode, you'll hear from bob schneider on cleaning up, ian mclagan on groupies in the 70's, producer, c.j. eiricksson talks about working with hanson, glen phillips talks about a new album from toad the wet sprocket, lance keltner talks about giving rod stewart a suggestion and getting fired for it, steve poltz talks about laughing at really bad news, elizabeth mcqueen talks about the beatles, joanna barbera talks about being out of place in arizona, nakia and a.j. vallejo talk about racism in the south and the band death talk about their next move.... all good stuff! thank you again for listening. we couldn't do it without you. xoxo, jg

Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

hey everyone!!! welcome to episode 100! thank you so much to everyone who has helped, supported, come by and talked to me and listened! thank you so much for listening. i'm looking forward to the next 100!this episode features highlights from the first 100 episodes and a quick talk with todd v. wolfson about my experience doing this. this show includes excerpts of my conversations with suzanna choffel, dony wynn, ian moore, fastball, dale dudley, kathy valentine, tim palmer, alpha rev, will sexton, alejandro escovedo, bodeans, billy harvey and david grissom. i hope you enjoy these these highlights as much as i do. thank you again.ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 08, 2014

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i can't believe we're almost at episode 300. wow. i am so glad i started doing this. i wanted to let you guys know that i will be taking part in the soundtrack series podcast tomorrow, saturday 8/9 at 8pm. they'll be recording it live at the nd. this is my second appearance on the show and i'm really excited about it. the soundtrack series is a storytelling podcast where people choose a song and tell a story about how that song affected them. they're usually very funny and touching. dale dudley, laurie gallardo and many others will be on the show. here's a link to the site on the show today we have a visit from dr. ellen jefferson from austin pets alive! she stopped by and we talked about how people can get involved and help keep austin a "no kill city". even if you don't live in austin, she has some great ideas about how to make your city a "no kill" city. check it out. get guests for episode 298 are orb recording studio owners and members of blue october, matt novesky and cb hudson! these guys have opened the top-of-the-line, first-class studio. orb recording studios has already recorded the likes of justin bieber, lil wayne, blue october, quiet company and many, many more. i suggest you look at it for yourself. simply got to anyway, we have a great conversation about their philosophy, their vision behind the studio, blue october and much, much more. cb and matt are cool, soulful guys that are really reaching for the stars and making a creative environment that is the best around to create the best art possible. i know they'll do well. i hope enjoy my conversation with them. i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 291: Charlie Mars

Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

hello friends! i hope your summer is filled with summer fun! it's about to be really be summer for me. in a couple of weeks, SKYROCKET! will be off for three weeks. i know. the band is always going, but we're actually taking a break. i'll still be playing tuesdays at strange brew. i'm going to the beach for the first few days and of course i'll be doing some podcasting, but i'm going to be doing some writing and recording as well. i played strange brew last night with aj vallejo and kendall beard. it was a fun show! i'm looking forward to playing next tuesday with salim nourallah and jason blum. come out!my guest for episode 291 is singer/songwriter, charlie mars! i met charlie about a decade ago when we were on the same tour. you might know him from his tours with r.e.m., the dixie chicks, bob schneider, or his song "listen to the darkside" which features mary louise parker in the video or his relelntless solo touring. anyway, charlie was in town doing some shows a few weeks ago. i went over to our mutual friend, andy's house and talked about growing up a misfit in mississippi, finding himself through music, making albums, touring working with tchad blake, jim scott and billy harvey determination to be the best and much, much more. his amazing new album, the money, comes out october 14th 2014. i had a good time getting to know charlie. you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 288: Kelley Mickwee

Friday Jul 04, 2014

Friday Jul 04, 2014

happy 4th of july my fellow americans! for those of you not in the u.s., happy friday! i hope you're all well and you have great plans for this holiday. i woke up today to the pool at my apartments totally trashed. i saw a bunch of people partying like crazy when i got home from my gig last night at like midnight. now there are beer cans everywhere, tables are turned over and the exercise room is totally flooded because they stopped up the toilets. why am i complaining to you? because i think it's ugly. don't trash public places. i was gonna spend some time at the pool today. now i can't. happy 4th of july!my guest for episode 288 is singer/songwriter, kelley mickwee! you might know her from americana sensation, the trishas. well, the trishas are on hiatus and kelley has taken it upon herself to make a solo album. her self-produced, debut solo album, you used to live here, comes out on july 22nd. you can go to to hear some of it. it's amazing! she's already gotten some great reviews and recognition for making a very special album. kelley came by and we talked about making her record in memphis, writing her first songs after getting a publishing deal, professional songwriting appointments in nashville, inside the trishas' phenomenal rise and much, much more. kelley is super cool and a great hang! i hope you like getting to know her as much as i did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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