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Episode 123: Gurf Morlix

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

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hello everyone! i hope you had a great thanksgiving. i did. i went to houston with my cousin megan and we had thanksgiving with our family. it was awesome! friday night i played at the house of blues in houston with skyrocket. and saturday here in austin. all in all, it was a great holiday. i even went to the mall on saturday and got in and out without a problem or much difficulty. so, whatever madness happens on "black friday" does not happen on the saturday after.
my guest for episode 123 is the extraordinarily talented musician/singer/songwriter/producer, gurf morlix. you might know gurf from his work with such luminaries as, lucinda williams, warren zevon, ian mclagan (episode 105), patty griffin, michael penn and many, many more. he's worked as sideman, producer, and singer/songwriter putting out his own albums and touring behind them solo. i have always been a fan of gurf and his work. so i was really excited to go out to his home studio to sit down and talk to him. it was even better than i thought. gurf is a gracious and humble artist as well as a gentle and thoughtful man. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Episode 56: Billy Harvey

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

hello everyone! i have had a very interesting week. the last album i put out, "el payaso", has been lost in some legal issues with the label that put it out. the legal issues were internal because of a soured partnership. anyway, the legal issues were worked out and i got the masters back and 600 copies. i am so excited!!!! i loved that album and felt like the timing, label-wise, was terrible. now i have it back. i can sell it at shows. i don't really know what all i will do with it. but the possibilities are very exciting to me. also, i will be playing a solo this sunday at hotel vegas in austin. come and buy one there!!! if you're in austin, here's the info...
johnny goudie solo show - 7pm sunday, april 1st - hotel vegas- 1500 East 6th Street - opening for danny malone
my guest for episode 56 is one of my favorite musicians/funny people, billy harvey. billy moved to l.a. a few years ago and so it was nice to get together and catch-up! i found out he was in town from someone on facebook saying they were going to his show. i got in touch with him and he came by the apartment before his show. i'm glad we got to sit down and catch-up. we talked about being socially awkward, moving around a lot, his first bands, the l.a. hard rock scene, playing guitar and producing several acts including, bob schneider, charlie mars and many more, making a documentary film with the camera on his laptop, working hard as an actor and making two full-length films. you can find billy on facebook and you can see his very entertaining website i'm glad billy got to stop by. i really enjoyed our conversation. i hope you do too.
ciao! -jg

Friday Mar 02, 2012

when i was around 3 years old, i started preschool at place called, esperanza. it was a preschool next to the college my mom was attending. esperanza was run by a nice lady named, virginia and her sweet, music-loving son, william. throughout my life i have run into william so, 40 years later i might still run into him when i am in houston, either when he's playing at the last concert cafe' or in the audience at a carolyn wonderland show or in a random aisle at whole foods. anyway, william's love of music reenforced my mom and my aunt's music loving ethic they instilled in me and i have never forgotten him or our walks in the morning when we sang, "good day sunshine" by the beatles. thank you william.
my guest for episode 49 is the dead left's singer and main songwriter, neal kassanoff. neal is also a preschool music teacher. he has developed a teaching program that has been celebrated and used a lot. he has also has a good career as a "grown-up" people music writer. with his new band, the dead left, neal has finally found his "rock voice" and is out making records, playing gigs and taking names. i ran into him the other night at the hotel vegas and i invited him over for a podcast. he accepted. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Friday Dec 02, 2011

i hear they're banning free toys with fast-food meals. who is taking away the fun of living????? no wonder kids are lame nowadays. is there someone i can write? is it these fucking birkenstock fools? who ever you are, STOP! you are creating a nation of medicated pussy-children!!!! bring back playing outside. please!
hi! how are you? i can't believe it's already december. it's time to make holiday plans (or if you're organized, they're made.), shop (or if you're organized...) and give. speaking of giving... my friend, shane "the rock and roll dentist" matt, just put together a christmas album called, "holiday haam jam". buying the album benefits H.A.A.M. (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), which is austin's extremely unique organization that provides low-cost healthcare for musicians. find out more about H.A.M.M. and BUY the album, "holiday haam jam" by going to
my guest for episode 28 is director/photographer, andrew shapter. i've known and known of, andrew for years and years but i've never gotten to sit down and talk to him at length. i am really glad i did. andrew made a beautiful movie called, "before the music dies"  a documentary inspired by a conversation about music with his musician brother just before his untimely passing. it's basically about the death of the "old" music business and what musicians are doing to adapt. it's narrated by forest whitaker and stars, erykah badu, doyle bramhall II, elvis costello, dave matthews, ?uestlove, steve poltz and my liars & saints bandmate, kacy crowley. it's an eye-opening and inspiring film. you should watch it. i hope you enjoy my conversation with andrew, i did. to find out more about andrew, go to
thank you for listening. ciao! -jg

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