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Episode 177: Jonas Wilson

Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

hola amigos! i hope you are all enjoying this first week of summer! i am. i've gone swimming, i'm working on my summer 2013 playlist, i've chosen my summer jam ("get lucky" by daft punk), planning a family week at the beach and i'm buying my new bathing suit this week. aahhhh... summertime. where are you at with your summer prep? is your playlist together? are you ready for this shit or what? let me know what your summer jam is. let me know on our "how did i get here?"  facebook page or tweet it at me @johnnygoudie .
we have a special live podcast coming up wednesday, june 19th at 7pm at strange brew in austin, tx. guests will be, nakia, jazz mills, aj vallejo and the boxing lesson! if you're in austin, come out and join on the fun! here's a link to the event page
my guest for episode 177 is producer/engineer/musician/singer/songwriter, jonas wilson! i've known jonas since he was a teenager. we've played together, made an album together and spent a christmas together. he's a great guy and he's got a great story... starting out as a teenage blues player, getting out of being a teenage blues singer, building studios, his many bands, losing a studio in the bastrop fires of 2011 and rebuilding, making his first solo album under the name, the plastic habit and much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

Episode 142: Exit

Friday Feb 01, 2013

Friday Feb 01, 2013

my self-imposed exile has ended. i think.
hello natural and unnatural beauties! how are you? i hope this podcast finds you happy and healthy and (relatively) mentally sane. the big news today is, our podcast has had it's biggest month yet!!!! january 2013 was our biggest month! most downloads, site visits and plays so far! THANK YOU!!!! please keep listening. without you, i'm nothing. if you haven't subscribed on itunes, please do and while you're there, give us a rating and leave a comment. it really helps! do it!!!!
we've been getting a steady stream of response lately, so keep those tweets and emails coming. i'll keep reading them on the show. oh! one more thing, i'll be playing a solo acoustic show in houston this saturday, february 2nd at anderson fair. here's a link to the facebook event... i will also be playing a solo show in austin on saturday, february 9th at strange brew. i'll be opening for tony scalzo from fastball. here's a link to the facebook event for that show... so come out and let me entertain you live and in person!
our guest for episode 142 is benjamin londa from the band, exit. they have a new album coming out next week (feb 5 2013) called, the blind alley i've heard some of it and it's really great. i was glad that ben could come by and chat with me about his trip, the band and the new album. i really enjoyed our conversation. i hope you do too.
ciao! -jg

Friday Jan 18, 2013

does anyone remember laughter?
hello everyone! i hope this podcast find you well. there's a lot going on here at "how did i get here?". we're changing our logo and looking into a new website that will house, "all things johnny". it can be a place where you can find the latest episode of the podcast, listen to my latest songs, find out where skyrocket is playing next and where and when i'll be playing. so, we'll keep you up on what's going on...
our guest for episode 138 is pedal steel/guitar player, ricky ray jackson. i've known ricky for about 7 years and i've always liked him a lot. he always makes me laugh and he is extremely talented. you might know ricky from playing with, hayes carll, craig finn (the hold steady), bruce robison and most recently, alejandro escovedo. i was glad i was able to sit down and talk to ricky. it's a great conversation. i hope you enjoy it. i did.
ciao! -jg

Friday Nov 23, 2012

it's black friday! stay away from the malls!
hello people! i hope you all had a happy thanksgiving. i'm writing this on wednesday morning before i leave for my thanksgiving. we have a big show for you and i wanted to make sure i got things wrapped up in time to put it out. we have three different guests for you today... first, i talk to our very first guest, suzanna choffel about her experience on television's, "the voice", hurricane sandy and how nora jones will not replace me as her friend. second, the band, residual kid pays me a visit. they're a band made up of two 12 year olds and a 14 year old... and they totally rock! i love their music and they are totally funny and cute. finally, i sit down with brian purington from the band, my education and he tells me about the band who is just about to release their 8th album!!! i hope you enjoy these conversations. i did. also, i hope you're having a great thanksgiving holiday!
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Nov 20, 2012

have a happy thanksgiving!
hey everyone! i hope you're doing well and ready for thanksgiving. i'm going to houston with my cousin, megan to spend time with my family. skyrocket will be playing on friday at the house of blues bronze peacock room and at steiner ranch steakhouse in austin on saturday. busy holiday weekend for me, but a big show for you today... first, i go by and have a short chat with david, andre' and chris at same sky productions and we talk about, "austin christmas", a christmas album they made featuring austin musicians backing up a host of austin singers including, yours truly. they're great guys, it's a fun conversation and the album sounds great. pick up a copy for yourself or someone you love at .
after my same sky visit, i sit down with someone i've always wanted to chat with, guitarist/composer/songwriter and all-araound cool guy, adam sultan. i've seen adam play for over 20 years now and i've never had a chance to talk to him. well, the former poi dog pondering, hollowbody (and many, many more) guitarist came over and we sat down and got to know each other. he's a great guy and i had a really good time talking to him. have fun listening and have a happy thanksgiving!
ciao! -jg

Episode 110: The Calm Blue Sea

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

happy birthday to olga, jennifer and alexandra!!!
hello everyone! i hope you're well! i went on the charlie hodge show yesterday. it was great! i had a great time with charlie and and matt. they are funny people and if you now me, you know i love funny people. anyway, you can find it here you can also find it on itunes! charlie was a guest a few months back. i highly recommend his podcast. they're very funny and entertaining. also, he has a comedy show in austin called, "monkeyshine mondays" which has around 6 different comics a night, a live band and no cover! if you're ever in austin on a monday night, you should do this.
my guests for episode 110 are kyle robarge and chris patin from, the calm blue sea. to me, the band is part shoe gazer and part beautiful film score. they even released an original score they did for a silent movie from the 20's. their new album, "arrivals and departures" comes out today, (10/9/12) chris and kyle came by the apartment the other day and we sat down and they told me how the band got together, found it's vision and reincarnated itself a couple of times. they're great guys and love the band. their music is simply gorgeous. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 17, 2012

did somebody say shrimp?
hey everyone! before i let this go too far... thank you so much for listening! also, i will be playing a solo show with joseph king here in austin at the volstead lounge on sunday, august 26th. more details coming soon. i'll also be playing a solo show with joseph at zirzamin in new york city on thursday, september 20th. i believe SKYROCKET! will be playing on 9/21 at the hill country bar be que in nyc... i'll keep you posted.
my guest for episode 95 is record producer, danny reisch. danny has produced records for the bright light social hour, what made milwaukee famous, white denim, crooks, suzanna choffel and many, many more. danny started out playing in bands in dallas, working on his own four-track and becoming an intern at a major studio while still in high school after a recording session that opened his eyes to the wonderful world of recording. danny is a super creative and talented, supportive and genuine person and i was glad that we were able to talk. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Friday Aug 10, 2012

happy birthday to us!
this episode features a special phone message song from nina from girl in a coma. it's sweet. thank you nina!
on august 11th, 2011, we debuted episode 1: suzanna choffel. our listenership keeps growing. it's all very exciting and i'm very happy to be doing this. i would like to thank everyone who has helped and been a guest and to all of you who listen to this and get something out of it. i do. doing this podcast has brought me a lot of happiness and comfort. really. thank you again for listening. i love you guys!
my guest for episode 93 is producer/engineer/studio owner and now record label owner, mike mcarthy. i started working with mike around 15 years ago. he was helpful in my former band, goudie, getting it's sound and he produced our first album, peep show. after that album, mike went on produce 4 albums for spoon, 5 albums with ...and you will know us by the trail of dead and albums for patty griffin, girl in a coma, craig finn and many, many more. i went to mike's studio to do the interview. the studio is amazing with an incredible collection of mics and vintage gear and keyboards, pianos... everything you need to make an badass record. plus, the brilliant, mike mcarthy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

Friday Jun 01, 2012

hey everyone! it's friday. i'm slowly waking up today. i played a solo show last night at the scoot inn here in austin. i had a great time playing. i feel like i need to spend more time playing my own music. that's my mid-year resolution. it's june 1st. that's the january 1st of the summer. i should be having some people that i ran into at the show last night on the podcast soon. i'm not going to name names yet until they're actually done... i just don't want to jinx myself by speaking too soon. what are you doing this weekend?
my guests for episode 75 are jaylinn davidson and paul waclawsky from the boxing lesson. i talked to paul a little bit on one of the sxsw specials we did, but i saw they were going on a midwest/east coast tour to work their way up to toronto to play a showcase at nxne. do any of you go to that festival? sounds cool. anyway, i was glad that both jaylinn and paul came over because they have great energy together. almost like an old vaudville team that plays kick-ass, rockin', space jams. i really love the boxing lesson and i recommend that you see them while they're on this tour here is the link to their dates i really enjoyed my conversation with them. i hope you do too.
ciao! -jg

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

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my guest for episode 62 is guitar player, lauren gurgiolo from okkervil river, the dead left and the dialtones. i had never met lauren until she came to my apartment yesterday for the interview. i had heard about her from a few of my friends and they say she's a bad ass and so did jessica when she booked her. of course, neal kassanoff from the dead left sang her praises when he was a guest on episode 49 of this podcast. anyway, i spent time listening to her and watching some stuff on youtube and i realized everyone was right. lauren gurgiolo is a bad ass! i was glad she was able to come by the apartment and talk to me, (even though i was feeling pretty shitty and exhausted) and we talked about growing up in dallas, discovering jazz and embarking on a musical journey that would bring her to austin and get even more into jazz, country and eventually, rock. she has her own band the she fronts called, the dialtones and they are about to embark on a gigantic musical journey of their own. you can see lauren play with the dead left on thursday, april 19th at 10pm at hotel vegas in austin, tx. i really enjoyed meeting and talking to lauren. i hope you do too!
ciao! -jg

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